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We are having to get creative with our fitness routines and workouts while the gym is closed, but we are here for you with access to online workouts, virtual classes, and #fitsporation to keep you moving and motivated during this challenging time!

4/03/2020: Member Update -- Continued Temporary Closure


Dear Physiq Family,

We first want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the outpouring of love and support during this time. We are so grateful for our team and the incredible community of members that, many of which, consider Physiq a home away from home. Thank you!

Our original plan was to re-open on April 6, 2020, but as you may be aware, Governor Brown announced all non essential businesses are to stay closed until further notice, including all fitness centers. We hoped this mandate would be lifted in time for our reopening, but with no current announcement, we must comply and stay closed. While we are disappointed, we believe this is for the best, as it will help adhere to the social distancing requirements that will ultimately keep all of us healthy and safe during this time. While it is difficult for us to do this, even for a short period, we know that we will get through this terrible situation as a stronger community. We will lift each other to a stronger, better place. Our hope is that this will end by April 30th and we will plan to re-open May 1st 2020, but will open earlier if allowed.

In your hundreds of positive comments via email and on social media, many of you generously offered to contribute your monthly membership fee to Physiq and its team members during this time that we are unable to operate. This is above and beyond what we could ever ask of our Physiq family. Please know this is not expected, but given the kindness that many have shown, we could not be more appreciative of these inquiries coming in. With that in mind, if you are interested in being part of this initiative and have it on your heart to help support our Physiq and our staff alongside the rest of our team during this time, we wanted to ensure you have that option. We will continue to pay all salaried employees and work with as many hourly staff as possible to continue working. This includes all of our department directors, social media department, maintenance department, customer service and billing department, front desk leads and many of our amazing instructors who are hard at work creating online content for everyone to stay active and engaged during this closure.

For our members, our team is hard at work to ensure that when we reopen you will not just come back to the Physiq you know and love but to an even better experience than before. Our team and our members are our number one priority and we are doing everything in our power to help make sure we all come out of this stronger.

  • On-going Gym maintenance during the closure
    • Deep cleaning and reorganizing of all the gyms from the floor to the ceiling.
    • Adding more cleaning products and sanitizing solutions.
    • Repainting walls and repairing equipment and upholstery.
  • Offering Our Community Free Cleaning Solution Fill-ups
    •  We have a hospital grade cleaning solution that we will be offering the community. We understand that the cleaning supplies at stores are limited and as such, we will be filling up 55 gal drums full of this cleaning solution and allowing members to come fill up their own reusable bottles at no charge. We will be offering this several times a week and at most of our locations. Please follow our social media accounts for updates on specific days and times.
    • Here’s the information about our WAXIE Solution Disinfectant Cleaner
    • When coming, please stay in your cars and adhere to a minimum of 6ft social distancing from everyone. Our employees onsite will come get your bottle and fill it up for you.


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As previously announced, during this virtual period you have the option to keep your membership active or have us freeze your account until we reopen. If you can, and want to, support our business and our employees, we ask that you keep your membership active. Members will still receive the already announced 1 free Quench smoothie added to your account, Physiq rewards account credit of 500 points, which can be redeemed in club or on our online store (if you’re not yet a rewards member, please sign up on our website) and 20% off personal training good through the end of the year. We are also pushing all annual fees that were originally due between 4/1 and 5/14 to a new date of 5/15 to ensure that anyone who supports us during this closure is only paying their membership fee and not their annual.

We assure you, we want every member taken care of in a positive way. The option to freeze your membership at no charge is available for those who want or need to. To freeze your accounts please email, Once we reopen, we will set your membership to active and you can continue your membership as normal. Please allow up to 5 days for a response.

Personal Training Clients: All personal training will cease during the club closure and will commence upon re-opening. You have the option of putting your training on freeze or keeping your payments going. If you put your training on freeze, email Your payments will start as normal after we open and the frozen payments will be added to your contract for a later date. You can also keep payments going as normal and just train extra once we reopen. The trainers will be able to do more sessions upon opening to ensure you don’t miss any sessions you paid for. This also helps the trainers with missed sessions during this time.


Please remember it is important to stay positive, happy and healthy. In times like these, we all need to be a positive light for each other. In general, it’s significantly easier to look at any situation and find the negative. Sometimes, we can even look at a positive thing and find negativity. More often than not, we look back at the trials we have had and say “I’m grateful I experienced that” or “I learned so much from that trial.” But now, more than ever, it’s important we not wait till the hardship is over to see the good. Instead, let’s look to learn from it and better ourselves while we’re going through it. Use this time to read, find a new hobby, build communication skills with family and friends, or whatever else you can do. “Two people looked out the window, one saw only mud, the other only stars.” These days are filled with much doubt and everywhere we turn, whether it be social media, the news, the TV, friends or family, there is negativity. But we must remember, positive thoughts and positive words bring positive actions. Find positivity and I know it will get easier and better. We are in this together, will get through this together and will come out stronger together.


Wishing you Health and Safety,

Landon Burningham
Founder and CEO

3/21/2020 Updated: Closing Announcement

Dear Physiq member,


I am so grateful for the support and love we have received from our members, not only the last few weeks but the last 10 years of business. When I started this company I had one goal; to change lives by helping others become healthier and happier through fitness. Being part of the community and being able to offer health and fitness to everyone has been a dream come true, and also the reason this decision is so difficult. These are unprecedented times and while I believe we have done everything in our power to keep our gyms a safe, clean and positive place to relieve stress, our top priority is and will continue to be the health and safety of our members, employees and their families. For this reason, I have decided to make the difficult decision to temporarily close all four Physiq Fitness locations starting Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 2 PM. We will plan to reopen Monday, April 6, 2020, at 5:00 AM. We will do our part to flatten the curve and help our surrounding area by supporting our community.


It’s important that we don’t let moments like these define us but instead that we define them. Martin Luther King said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” It’s times like these that we must be a positive light for our families and our community. We hope that despite the temporary closures of our buildings that we can still be a positive light in your lives by continuing to move together virtually until it is safe for us to come together again.


We have been hard at work creating our own versions of your favorite Physiq workouts and will continue creating content that you can stream. Workouts are available now on our Facebook and Instagram, as well as our Physiq app, and will soon be available on our website as well. Workouts include live instructional workouts, MyZone match workouts, virtual programmed workouts via our app and so much more. In addition to all the original Physiq content, we have also partnered with Les Mills, Matrix Fitness and several other top brands to provide you with free content during our short time apart. All of these workouts use minimal equipment so you can stay active at home. We also know that your kids staying active and fit is important too, which is why we will be creating at home kids’ content including fun activities, kids’ workouts and more. Stay tuned for more details and a full schedule along with more virtual member benefits.


Physiq family, during this virtual period you have the option to keep your membership active or have us freeze your account until we reopen. If you can and want to support our business and our employees, we ask that you keep your membership active. We intend to pay all salaried employees their full salaries during the brick and mortar closure and take care of our hourly staff to the best of our ability. We can only hope to open our doors to you again in 2 weeks but we will stay in touch and continue to find ways to support you until it is time to return. Additionally, as a thank you for supporting our staff, anyone who continues to keep their membership active will receive 1 free Quench smoothie added to your account, plus we will credit your Physiq rewards account 500 points, which can be redeemed in club or on our online store (if you’re not yet a rewards member, please sign up on our website). We will also offer 20% off personal training good through the end of the year.

Physiq Fitness Rewards Link

The option to freeze your membership at no charge is available for those who want or need to. To freeze your accounts please email,


While we are closed we will proceed with:
– Deep cleaning the entire facility
– Reaching out to the county and offering our services in ways we think we can help our community
– Providing educational opportunities for our staff and members
– Providing ongoing online services to our members (check our social pages daily)


For the most up to date information, please download the app (links below) check our social media pages and be sure to check your email for special accommodations, FAQs, programs and digital events that we are making during this challenging time. For general questions, please email and we will do our absolute best to answer all questions in a timely matter.


Physiq app – Google

 Physiq app – Apple


Qfam, the roughest seas create the greatest sea captains. We must be patient because tomorrow the sun will rise and we never know what great thing the tide will bring. We are in this together, will get through this together and will come out stronger together.


In health,


Landon Burningham
Physiq Fitness
Founder and CEO


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Our team at Physiq Fitness is committed to keeping our members connected, active and healthy. Over the next several weeks, we will be providing at home workouts that are quick, simple, and require little to no equipment.