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Your complete solution for a customized approach to your health and fitness. With Healthier You, everything is focused completely on you. Get the individualized attention you need in private, one-on-one training sessions. Receive nutrition education and guidance and motivation to empower you. Your goals are entirely attainable. If you want the fastest, most effective path to your goal, then you need Healthier You.


Curious to know more or learn if the Physiq’s Personal Training program is the right fit based on your needs? Find out more with a free one-on-one Healthier You session with one of our trainers. And don’t sweat it– this is an education session, not a sales session!

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Healthier You will take base-line assessments of body composition to give you the foundation your body and nutritional status along with guidelines for your body’s specific nutritional needs. Based on your body’s needs, your trainer can the foundational supplements needed for maximum impact and results.


Healthier You will design the perfect workout plan based around your time, needs, and schedule. Incorporating one-on-one personal training sessions with our Nationally Certified Fitness Professionals, they will be able to design a fitness program that you can stick to and get results. 


Accountability is key factor to unlocking results, but willpower is a muscle that can weaken if not properly worked. Our trainers will support you every step of the way in order to get the results they know that you are working towards. It’s not that easy to back out of a workout session when you know you know that someone is counting on your presence– don’t let them down and they won’t let you down!


Using a MyZone heart rate monitor and activity tracker included along with exclusive access to the MyZone app, you’ll be able to track the impact of every single workout instantly and in live-time! You and your trainer will analyze, refine and improve the way you’re spending your time with and without them!

Who is Healthier You best for?

Those have a goal

Healthier You is completely customized not to your neighbor, not to Hollywood stars, but to YOU. If there is a goal that you are trying to attain, Healthier You is the program that will get you there successfully.

Those who want the best for their health

Healthier You empowers you to get the most out of your health, fitness, and nutrition. With access and accountability to the best programming, nutrition, and technology, you will have the perfect roadmap to get you to where you are trying to go.

Those who are done putting it off

Want to do more, experience more and be more? That means you’re somebody who is ready to commit 100% to an UNSTOPPABLE lifestyle. With Prime’s holistic approach, your pursuit of a better life through health and fitness is at your fingertips! The best day to start was yesterday. The second best day is today!

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