Kids Club

The gym can be the favorite place for everybody in the family!

You get a killer workout.
Your kiddos get great care.

Kids club offers little Quties, ranging from 6 months to 11 years old, a secure, clean, and fun place to play. They’ll want to go to the gym more than you will!

Quties Kids Club


Kids Club Hours

Vary by location, pick a location to see specific hours.

Kids Club Price

$20 per month for the first child

$10 per month for each child after

Quties Makes it Easy on Everybody

We put kids first like you do!

Each of our Kids Club Team Members is pre-screened before hiring, has a current CPR certification, and has cleared a background check

Quties Childcare Policies

We strive to provide a safe, fun, and inexpensive childcare option for the children of our members. Physiq Fitness is not a state licensed childcare facility, as our services are available for a maximum of 1 1/2 hours, therefore children’s parents are required to be on site. Your children will love to stay in one of our fun and interactive child care facility at Physiq Fitness.

We have designed the following child center policies to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for all children in the facility. Unless required by law, our child centers are not licensed, nor equipped to provide one-on-one care for children of any age. We may limit the use of the child center in our discretion, including designated play spaces. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend child center privileges for failure to follow these policies or other directives or instructions from our child center team members.

Use of Qutie’s Kid’s Club. Kid’s Club may be used only by members that have added childcare to their memberships. The appropriate age for child center guests is from six months to 11 years of age (“child”). Children must be 6 months and be able to sit up by themselves. A child may use the child center up to one a half (1 1/2) hours per day. Members may only use the child center if they have been added to the membership of a parent or legal guardian or, upon execution of the proper agreement, a grandparent, nanny or au pair (“parent” or “you”). The same parent must check in and check out the child, each time by presenting a Physiq Fitness membership card or government-issued photo identification card with a picture that matches the system profile. That parent must remain in Physiq Fitness at all times while the child is in the child center. If the child center has reached maximum occupancy, you must wait for space to open up.

Late Pick Up. If you pick up your child from the child center later than the time permitted for use, we will, after the third time, suspend your child center privileges for one month.

Security. You and your child must enter and exit together using the proper security gates. For safety reasons, a parent may stay behind the gates in the child center for no more than 10 minutes. You may not take any photographs or video in the child center area. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items from cubbies or other child center areas.

Behavior. To address behavioral issues, we will implement the use of “time-outs” for children two years of age and older and activity redirection for children younger than two. We will page parents if a crying child cannot be comforted within 10 minutes. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend child center privileges for any child who exhibits unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

Clothing and Diapers. Children must be completely covered on top and bottom, including shorts, pants, tights or other covering over diapers and underwear bottoms. Children must wear socks and/or shoes; bare feet are not allowed. Wheels on shoes must be removed prior to entry. Parents are responsible and will be paged to change their own child’s wet or soiled diaper.

Food and Drink. You may bring into the child center a labeled “sippy” cup with water only or, for an infant, a bottle with milk or pre-mixed with formula clearly labeled with your child’s name. We will not mix formula for bottles. You may not bring into the child center any juice, milk, soda, snacks, candy, gum or other food from home or Quench.

Toys and Electronic Devices. You may not bring into the child center any toys or electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, PSPs, Game Boys, iPods, etc.).

Sick Children. In an effort to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment, we may exclude, or require that you remove, from the child center any child we deem in our sole discretion to be a sick child. If a child becomes sick while in the child center, you must immediately remove the child, whom we will endeavor to isolate until you check the child out. If your child does not attend daycare, preschool, or school due to sickness or illness, your child should not use our child center either. We may require a physician’s verification of wellness before a sick child returns to the child center. We reserve the right to determine whether a child is sufficiently sick to be excluded or removed from the child center, but a child who exhibits one or more of the following symptoms are subject to exclusion or removal:

  • A child with a reportable illness or condition that a physician determines has not had sufficient treatment to reduce risk to others.
  • A child with chicken pox, until no longer infectious and the lesions, are crusted over.
  • A child who has vomited or had any abnormally loose stool within the prior 24 hours.
  • A child who has had contagious conjunctivitis (pink eye) or pus draining from the eye.
  • A child with a bacterial infection, such as strep throat or impetigo, who has not yet completed 24 hours of antimicrobial therapy.
  • A child whose nose must be wiped more than three times or is otherwise profusely runny, with either green or clear mucus.
  • A child with unexplained lethargy.
  • A child with untreated and/or contagious lice, ringworm, or scabies.
  • A child with a temperature of 99 degrees axially or higher.
  • A child with an undiagnosed rash or a rash attributable to a contagious illness or condition.
  • A child with significant respiratory distress (a bad cough).
  • A child who is not able to participate in child center activities in reasonable comfort.
  • A child who requires more care than our staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children.

***Check in your child. Check Physiq Fitness for hours; the last check-in occurs 45 minutes prior to closing.

Your children are important to us and we look forward to working with them. Please contact a member of the Physiq team if you have any questions or concerns.

* Physiq Fitness diligently monitors the potential for adverse weather conditions. Any announcements regarding potential closures will be posted on social media and announced through the Physiq Fitness app notifications. Please consider downloading the app for timely updates. Physiq Fitness Kids Club will follow the Salem, Keizer, and Albany ISD weather closures. If the ISD has announced a closure for the day, Physiq Fitness Kids Club will likely follow their guidance.