Team Training

Team training consists of small groups of members (3 to 8), with similar goals and fitness levels.  Team training sessions are a great way to do a personal training program.  The workouts are motivating, fun and provide results.  Many clients enjoy working out in a small group, but still, find that they want extra attention to their nutrition and their cardio workouts.  At Physiq, all our group training sessions include a great workout, a training plan, a personalized nutrition plan and a cardio monitoring plan.

Group Training Process


Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is synced to you as you workout.

Performance Display

Heart rate and calorie data are transmitted via Bluetooth and your individual performance is shown on screen.

Team Stations

Performance levels vary as you change from different team stations.


Your metabolism is ignited at 83% of your max heart rate. Performance zones are indicated by different colors on the screen.


Track your results, compare calorie burn data and receive a full summary of your achievements on your mobile device.

Available Classes


Physiq Burn class will enable you to burn upwards of 500 calories in as little as 30 min but then continue burning more calories over the next 36 hours.  Using scientifically proven methods to help you Burn More and Burn Longer.

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High volume, high repetition, and a ton of variety.  Get ready for most intense exercise class of your life.  Taught by Salem’s top trainers this class is fueled by intense bodyweight exercises, intense weight training, sled pushes and resisted sprints, intense endurance training, and rowing.  Keep an eye on your performance during this class and watch the calorie burn soar with our HR monitor and technology! This class is non-stop for 30 minutes! Get ready to sweat.

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Is a combination of our popular SWEAT and BURN classes. It is a 30 minute strength training class which combines high-intensity interval training with resistance training. Using a strategy of alternating short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods, Push provides improved aerobic capacity, increased strength and an improved body composition.

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