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Club Policies

GYM FAQs and Policies

Gym Dress Code

We’re all for people expressing themselves, but do ask that clothing that may be perceived as intimidating, revealing, or offensive not be worn in the club. Workout shorts or pants are required and closed-toed non-marketing athletic training shoes are required on the gym floor.

We also do not allow clothing that may present safety hazards or damage equipment. Examples of clothing that is not allowed include:

  • Open-toed shoes, flip flops, or sandals
  • Mud-caked, greasy, or soiled shoes or clothing
  • Jeans or pants with prominent grommets
  • Clothing with inappropriate, profane, or offensive messaging

GYM POLICIES: "What can I do (or not do)?"

Physiq Fitness strives to promote a safe and friendly environment for its members. Member safety and service is our #1 priority, all members will receive a complimentary orientation with one of our certified personal trainers. The following is an outline of Physiq Fitness’s club policies.

  • By engaging in any physical activity at Physiq Fitness, you acknowledge that you are physically capable of participating in the provided programs and agree that all exercise and use of the facility are undertaken at your sole risk
  • Physiq Fitness recommends consulting a physician before participating in any Fitness program
  • Physiq Fitness will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, so please leave all valuables at home or in a secure location.
  • You agree to create a positive, friendly atmosphere by treating fellow members and Physiq Fitness personnel with courtesy and respect.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the workout floor, and children from 12 to 14 must be accompanied by an adult or supervised by our personal training team.
  • If you are unfamiliar with any of the equipment, please ask a Team Member for assistance
  • Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks
  • Report any equipment problems or malfunctions to management, Please do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that is not in good working condition.
  • Physiq Fitness request that all members carry a towel to wipe down equipment after each use, management will address any unsatisfactory visible hygiene conditions and request corrective action.
  • Please do not slam, drop, bounce, or jerk the weight equipment during your exercise routine and refrain from excessing grunting, screaming, or cursing.
  • No chalk will be permitted
  • Water bottles are encouraged in all areas of the club. Food items, bars, shakes, and other supplements should be consumed in the lobby area
  • Please use designated areas to talk on cell phones. Camera phones are not permitted in the locker room.
  • Physiq Fitness reserves the right to amend or add to these conditions as it may deem necessary for the proper management of the club and the business

Gym Etiquette

Just like every other public space, we have certain implied rules to follow as a member of our gym community. Just remember, this is other people’s gym home as well. Don’t be that awkward person breaking the written or implied rules, making others feel uncomfortable.

Share Space!  Be conscious of your time at each machine. This doesn’t mean that you need to speed through your workouts to please everyone else, but rather that you be mindful of those around you, especially at crowded times.

Allow others to ‘work in’ with you (switching off with someone between sets.)

Rotate to another machine if you notice someone is waiting (circuit work and training is actually a great way to enhance your workout.)

Do your sets as timely as possible — but be safe and don’t hurt yourself because you’re sacrificing form for speed.

Be considerate by stepping away from a machine or weight station if you have to take a phone call, send an e-mail, or chat with someone.

Return items to their appropriate area.  If you got it out, put it back. This goes for mats, free weights, and weight plates on machines.

UNLIMITED ACCESS AND AMENITIES: How much can you really do?

  • 24/7 Access is limited to Physiq Members only. Guests must accompany a member during staffed hours.
  • Unlimited tanning means 1 tan per day max.
  • Unlimited hydromassage means 1 massage per day max.


  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes and Unlimited Team Training — you’re welcome to take as many classes per day as you can! We just ask you remember to rehydrate and refuel so you don’t bonk!

Cancellation Policies

Month to month member - payments are month to month and require a 30 day written notice to cancel. ALL payments due between cancellation notice and 30 days are still due.


Term / 12-month commitment members -  Member agrees to a 12-month commitment. Cancellation prior to the 12 months results in a $59 cancellation fee.  After fulfillment of the 12 months, the member's agreement will go month to month and follow the month to month cancellation policy.


Member has until midnight of the 3rd business day after Member signs this Agreement to cancel this Agreement. Member may do so by signing the Physiq Fitness cancellation form in the club within the time described above. Such notice of cancellation must be received by PHYSIQ prior to the expiration of the three business day timeframe. If Member cancels, any payment made by Member, less a fee of $3.00 per day will be refunded within 21 days after notice of cancellation is received by PHYSIQ. Member may terminate Month to Month Agreements at any time with 30 days written by signing the Physiq Fitness cancellation form in the club. The termination will be effective on the 30th day after receipt of notice (the “Termination Date”) and all charges which would be charged before the Termination Date will still be charged. For example, if PHYSIQ receives Member’s notice of termination on March 5th, the Termination Date will be April 4th. The charges for the month of April will be charged. Term Agreements are subject to a cancellation fee. Term Agreements must be canceled with the cancellation fee paid within 7 business days of the regular monthly due date to avoid further charges. Unless Member cancels or terminates a membership as set forth in this paragraph, this Agreement will be automatically renewed monthly. NO CASH REFUNDS. 


To cancel, a written notice must be submitted via the cancelation form available at the club. If the member is unable to come into the club due to a move, the member must email [email protected] with a "written" notice. The termination will be effective on the 30th day after receipt of notice and all charges which would be charged within 30 days of receiving the termination notice will still be charged. For example, if Physiq receives a member's notice of termination on March 5 termination date will be April 4. Any charges due between those two dates will still be charged. No cash refunds.

Am I able to transfer my membership to another person?

Memberships are non-transferrable. They’re like a fingerprint- unique to you, and to you alone.

What is the the annual fee and when is it charged?

Physiq charges an annual fee of $49 for new members and it processed 90 days after your joining date and every year annually from there.

The annual fee guarantees your membership rate for 5 years but is also used for gym maintenance, upgrades, and upkeep. It wouldn’t be right (or enjoyable), if every year, you kept getting in better shape while your gym became worse for wear. So that’s why there is an annual fee — to make sure your gym is in the best shape it can be in!

How do I pay for my membership? [Important Details on Payment Processing and Account Fees]

All memberships are EFT based. An electronic check, debit or credit only.

Payment for Membership shall be paid in advance on the same day of each month. Payments shall be made by electronic funds transfer, electronic check, debit card, or credit card only.

If Member fails to make any monthly payments when due, Member’s key card will no longer be allowed access to the Facility and Member shall pay a late payment fee of $10.00 and the entire unpaid total amount owing to PHYSIQ shall become immediately due and payable. In the event Member’s payment is returned or rejected, Member shall pay a returned payment fee of $25.00 to PHSYIQ. If a collection service or legal services are necessary to collect any unpaid amounts, Member shall be responsible to pay for any collection, attorney fees, costs, or disbursements incurred for collection. If the first month of membership is a partial month, membership fees shall be prorated and charged immediately.

How do I update my billing account?

If you need to update your billing information on file or make a payment, you can do it over the phone, in the club or by logging into our secure Billing Portal (www.myiclubonline.com)– *note, you must be the Primary Member on the account to update payment online.

Physiq Fitness will communicate with our members about their accounts via email if there is an issue with your payment processing. Please check to see if your email address is current. You can do so by logging into our secure Billing Portal, or by calling/visiting your local Physiq Fitness.

How old do you have to be to workout at Physiq Fitness?

We require that members must be at least 15 years old. We require that a parent or legal guardian be present during enrollment.

If you are between the ages of 12-14, you are more than welcome to work out as the guest of a parent or legal guardian. They must accompany you in the facility at all times or you must be supervised by a member of our personal training team during a session.