We have missed our Fitness Community!



We are thrilled to announce that we will be safely opening our clubs over the next couple of weeks. The decision to open will be based on a multitude of factors and will come with some updated operational procedures and member guidelines. We are asking that all members review and accept the following Member Agreement to keep Physiq a safe environment. In order to return to the club, you will need to accept the following agreement before you resume working out. If you do not feel comfortable returning at this time, that is completely your right. We do ask that if you are able to resume billing to support our operations and our staff, that you consider resuming your membership at this time.

Returning Member Waiver

PHASE 1 RE-OPENING STRATEGY -- All Clubs Reopening with Limited Hours


Albany: Now Open
South Salem & Keizer: Opening Saturday, 5/23 @ 8am
Downtown: Opening Tuesday, 5/26 @ 8am

Modified Hours of Operation (upon reopening):

Mon – Sat:
5AM – 12pm – Regular access
12PM – 1PM intermission for deep cleaning
1PM – 2PM open for high risk & 60yr+ ONLY
2PM – 8PM – Regular access

7AM – 2PM



Physiq South Salem, Physiq Keizer, Physiq Downtown:

Pending re-opening updates to come soon.


Membership Capacity

  • At this time exact guidance as not been given our capacity limits. We ate still waiting to hear and depends on what the governor, OHA and county allow.
  • For this reason members are asked to keep workouts under 60min
  • Additionally we will be limiting our capacity to ensure we can safely provide enough physical distancing for all members. If we reach capacity, members will be on a first come first server basis. With this said, we do not anticipate needing to turn anyone away.


  • Members will use a touch-less scan in process to scan their barcode on the scanner which will be placed on the counter. Staff will not touch or handle any member belongings.
  • Members must fill out the new waiver prior to checking in for their first time. Please do so at the bottom of this page prior to checking in.
  • Cash will not be accepted for any purchases. A credit/debit card may be used with our chip reader system or placed on the member account to use on file.
  • One entrance and exit will be implemented at each location to ensure maximum distancing.
  • During this time will are not able to offer to fill up members bottles with ice or water.


  • Tanning and HyrdoMassage : Will be open as normal.
  • Recovery rooms: Will be open, each piece will be spaced 6′ apart and will be sanitized after each use as normal. Members must check in for use of this room and will be first come first serve .
  • Personal Training:  Will be available by appointment only.
  • ON-Q and QFIT Classes: Classes will resume under capacity limits and physical distancing guidelines within one week of opening. Classes will still offered virtually.
  • Lockers Rooms: Bathrooms will be open but changing rooms, lockers and showers will be closed.
    Be dressed and bring as little personal belongings as possible. Gym bags larger than a track sack, string bag or purse will not be allowed in the building.
  • Kid’s Club: Kids club is to remain closed during phase one. You will NOT be charged for kids club while we are closed.
  • Guest Privileges: Premium and Qfit guest privileges will not be allowed during the first two phases of the reopening.
  • Quench smoothie bar: Will resume operations within 14 days of starting phase one.

***Closed amenities will remain closed during Phase 1 and we be re-evaluated for each Phase.



A minimum of 6ft distance must be maintained between members at all time.
Equipment placed closer than 6ft from other pieces will be shut down to promote proper physical distancing.
Mats and foam rollers will not be available during this time and members are encouraged to bring their own.


Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Team members in each club will be re-focused from normal duties and dedicated to zone cleanings in all areas of the gym, including high touch areas, door handles, etc…
  • Daily cleaning protocols updated with extensive checklists for medical-grade cleaning materials
  • All staff members will be wearing face masks during reopening.
  • Drinking fountains will be closed during phase one. We ask that you bring your own water bottle or purchase one from the Quench cooler. We will, however, keep the bottle fillers open at the fountains.


Satiation cleaning protocol is as follows:

  • Members are required to sanitize hands prior to checking in
  • Members are required to sanitize all equipment before and and after use.
  • Members are encouraged to wash hands frequently while in the gym and avoid touching their faces. The Oregon Health Authority recommends members wear mask during their time in the gym.
  • Physical distancing will be required while in Physiq. We will be shutting down certain pieces of equipment that are placed closer than 6 ft apart. Members not adhering to physical distancing will be asked to comply with this standard.
  • We ask that members not of the same household do not workout together, share equipment or “work in” in between sets. Any members working out together are still required to maintain 6ft physical distancing and required to wipe down the equipment in-between each set if sharing.
  • Members should not use more than one piece of equipment at a time to ensure no one else uses something you have touched and not sanitized.
  • Members who are sick with any symptoms will not be allowed in the gym
  • Additional sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizers and cleaners have been added throughout the facility


All guidelines will be evaluated weekly and will continue to follow guidelines of the State legislature as well as Linn and Marion County Public Health Guidelines. Please be sure to stay updated with us via our website, all social media platforms for all locations, and in the club for continued updates during our re-open and beyond.


Physiq Albany –

We will unfreeze all memberships and resume billing on May 23, 2020. All members will be charged on their regularly scheduled billing date. Annual fees due between our closure and May 23 will now resume on May 23rd and be charged on your next bill date.


Physiq Downtown, Keizer, and South Salem –

  • We will unfreeze all memberships and resume billing on June 1, 2020. All members will be charged on their next regularly scheduled billing date.
  • Annual fees due between our closure (March 23rd) and June 1 will now resume on and be charged on your next bill date in JUNE.
  • Late fees – We would like to erase all late fees associated with the shut down from 3/23/20 till 6/01/20

Kids Club:

You will no be charged for kids club during this time. Charges will resume upon its reopening.


Personal Training:

We will unfreeze all PT agreements and resume billing on June 1, 2020. We will extend the expiration date for unused sessions for 3 months. You may also train more often with your trainer if you prefer. Training session with your trainer may resume immediately.


Freezing Your Account:

We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseen circumstances for many people, so we want to make sure that you know you can re-freeze your account for up to 3 months by emailing [email protected]. This is a great option if you need a little extra time to make it back to the gym. Please allow up to 5 days for a response. If you are willing and are able to, we ask that you keep you billing active to help continue to support or business and the other 3 locations that are closed.


I’m coming in, what does this look like?

Upon entering all members will follow this process:

  • Members must have signed new waiver and rules / policy document sent via email
  • Enter through entrance only doors and adhere to oneway flow of traffic
  • Scan phone barcode or keychain barcode
  • If members have not filled out the waiver, they will be required to on their own device prior to resuming access.
  • Sanitize hands
  • Grab a personal sanitation spray bottle. Once we run out of bottles we will have reached our capacity and you will be asked to wait until someone leaves.
  • Keep a minimum of 6 feet distance between staff and members
  • Welcome back, have a great workout

Do I need to wear a face mask while working out?

The Oregon Health Department highly recommends the use of face masks while at the gym. All Physiq staff will be wearing face masks.


What are your social distancing guidelines while in the club?

We are asking all members to maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and others in the club. Physiq has implemented procedures to help ensure these distancing guidelines are respected including visual reminders, area closures and staff to monitor and enforce these rules.


What else is Physiq doing to keep the gyms clean?
Physiq is requesting that all members disinfect equipment after use and is providing extra sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer. We will have Physiq staff cleaning all open areas of the gym throughout every day and doing a deep clean every night after closing.


Can I use a guest pass to visit the gym?
Guest passes are not allowed at this time.


When are you going to bill me my monthly fees?
Physiq will unfreeze all memberships and resume billing on 5/23/20 for Albany and 6/1/20 for all other locations. All members will be charged on their regularly-scheduled billing date.


When will you charge me for personal training?
We will unfreeze all Personal Training agreements and resume billing on 6/1/20 . We will extend the expiration date for unused sessions for 3 months.

Can I put a temporary freeze on my account?
We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has created unforeseen circumstances for many people, so we want to make sure that you know you can re-freeze your account for up to three months by emailing [email protected]. This is a great option if you need a little extra time to make it back to the gym.


Can I cancel my account and reinstate later? 

We do recommend freezing your membership, as it will allow you to maintain your current low membership rate. All cancellations will still follow the standard cancellation policy of 30-day notice.

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