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5 Local, Salem-Area Hikes You Have to Try!

Oregon is a gorgeous state and a great place to spend time outdoors. Plus, hiking is fantastic exercise: a 160-lb person can expect to burn up to 440 calories per hour on a hike! To honor this time-honored pastime, we're sharing some of our favorite local hikes near...

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Resolutions 101- Guide to Goal Planning

We love New Year's resolutions. When done well, they can truly help stimulate positive and sustainable change in a person's life. Want to make sure you're getting the most out of your resolutions in 2018? Be sure to follow the steps below. You May Also Like: So You’re...

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I Only Have 30 Minutes to Workout. What Do I Do?!

You have 30 minutes to work out. Is it worth it? Heck, YEAH! You have 30 minutes to work out! If you choose your workout wisely, a half-hour is plenty of time to get in an extremely productive head-to-toe workout. Another perk is that the time allotted takes the...

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3 Ways to do Cardio Without Using an Elliptical

For a long time, your typical cardio workout seemed relegated to the treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, or stair climber. But as effective as these machines can be, they can get pretty boring, pretty quickly. Since nobody wants to be bored during their workouts,...

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