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Just See For Yourself

Row after row of cardio equipment. Weights in so many sizes, you won’t be able to carry them all (at once). Group Fitness Classes. Personal and Team Training Programs. Don’t even forget about all of the amenities available to you. If the pictures don’t do it justice, then come and check it out for yourself. We’ll even set aside a guest pass for you with your name on it.

*Amenities vary by location.

Kids Club.

Get a full month of kid care for less than an hour of babysitting.

It’s a win-win: you get you time, the kids get play time and everyone is happy!

*Available at select locations.

Team Training

Because there’s strength in numbers.

Everyone knows that nothing compares to the accountability of others and the spirit of friendly competition to encourage you to reach your fitness goals. Team Training is the ultimate in support—get the attention of a personal trainer with the motivation of a group. And at $39.99 a month for unlimited team training, it’s an affordable way to make great friends—the kind that could help you move a couch!

Want to go to a movie? At the gym?

Get the hamster-in-a-wheel feeling when you’re on a treadmill? Make it more fun and catch up with the latest from the silver screen with our Cardio Cinema—a full-sized theater where you can run, walk, cycle or sweat your way through some of the latest and greatest blockbusters played on the big screen with awesome surround sound. All you’re missing is the popcorn.

*Offered at select locations.

Physiq Theater

Big Gym. Small Price.
Memberships start at $2.50/week.

You can choose our basic plan, one that includes classes, or even throw in team training.  Find yourself paying a lot less, and getting a lot more than you would anywhere else. Great gym, better price.

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