Training For Life. Inside and Outside the Gym.


Physiq is committed to helping you stay fit and healthy, inside and outside of the gym. Check out the Virtual Fitness programs we offer to make it easy for you to take your workout with you wherever you are!


MZ-Remote is the closest thing to our QFit classes that you can do from wherever you are! Taught by your favorite Physiq coaches, this virtual training experience displays your heart rate feedback along with other participants’ in the class so you can stay connected and motivated while getting results, just as if you were in person. It will transform your home into the Physiq class experience you’ve grown to love. View the schedule and book your spot in class straight from the Myzone app. 


In an effort to help you maintain and take your training to a next level, we are launching our new “Physiq Fitness” virtual personal training platform. Our new virtual gym is state of the art, like our facilities. Coaches can now demonstrate movements with video, drop on-screen virtual equipment in your home, provide on-screen corrections with tools, count your calories burned, and even take pictures to show your progression.

Physiq On-Demand Fitness Videos 

Get access to our complete library of great workouts from your favorite Physiq Trainers & Coaches

We’ve got you covered with our OnDemand classes so you can continue reaching your goals even when you’re not able to come into the gym. These workouts are all 30 minutes or less and offer a ton of variety that you can do with little, to no equipment from wherever you are. We have classes ranging from full-body strength, H.I.I.T, core, Myzone match, and more. 

*Member access only, password protected.*



Curious to know more or learn if the Healthier You virtual training program is the right fit based on your needs? Find out more with a free one-on-one virtual Healthier You session with one of our trainers. And don’t sweat it– this is an education session, not a sales session!

    1. Fill out the form to learn more about our Healthier You Virtual Fitness Program

    2. One of our trainers will contact you to schedule a virtual Healthier You Session

Leading the Way In On-Demand Digital  Fitness


As Club Solutions Club of the Month in 2021, Physiq Fitness is a great example of a club that pivoted quickly in the wake of the pandemic to retain and create member demand by delivering a personalized digital experience to members.

Here, Landon Burningham, the owner of Physiq Fitness, shares the ins and outs of their video-on-demand and live stream offerings, and why the need for a solid, long-term virtual strategy that’s focused on creating a sense of community and connection is undeniable.