After getting married last Fall, my husband and I began talking about starting a family. This got me thinking…how much work did I need to put in to be as healthy as possible from the inside out before getting pregnant?
I wasn’t sure if it was something I could do all on my own. Already spending 3-4 days a week at the gym doing cardio and weight training, I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. I needed someone to help me be accountable, impart their knowledge and skills, and to assist me in achieving my goals.

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Brieanna Personal Training Testimonial

Brieanna’s Lifestyle Change

personal training testimonialSo, it was then that I decided to enlist the help of Ben Barrantes, a personal trainer at Physiq. One of the first thing we discussed was exercise and diet taking equal priority in my life, which wasn’t easy because I love food. Together, we have helped me develop more healthy eating and exercise habits that I can maintain for the rest of my life. I also knew that there would be lifestyle changes involved in this process, but those changes have been less difficult to maintain than I thought they would be. Those changes that I see in myself make every single sacrifice worth it. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t taken vacations since I started training, eaten whatever I wished while away, forgotten about calories, and put exercise on the back-burner for a few weeks at a time. But every time I get home, the hard work begins again and this makes those lifelong lifestyle changes achievable.

I have spent the past last eleven months preparing my mind and body for whatever the future holds for me. As a result, I have gotten in the best shape of my life through hard work, determination, and dedication to myself. Thank you Ben, for being there with me every step of the way.

Trainer: Ben Barrantes

When Brie first came to train with me, right away I noticed her high energy personality. One thing I appreciated, was her willingness to listen and follow all of my advice in regards to both nutrition and various aspects of fitness. She put in the work, not only during our training sessions. But also in the Q-fit classes, and often times with some addition workout t”homework” I gave to her. She kept going, even during the months she saw little progress. I encouraged her to keep going and let her know I thought we were on the right path, and that everything would soon come together. All of her hard work paid off!!!