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If you’ve got someone in your life who are super dedicated to their health and well-being, you probably already know a few things you won’t be getting them for Christmas this year (like candy and chocolate). 

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5 Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic

1) Shoe spikes

For the outdoorsy-type of person in your life, these shoe spikes are useful any time of year, but especially the during icy winter months. Great for winter ice-fishing, hiking, and trail running (or even outdoor chores around the home), these spikes are easy to attach to a sturdy pair of shoes and can help prevent a season-ending injury from a trip, slip, or fall. Plus, they come with a 2-year warranty.

2) Jump ropes

Jump ropes are one of those classic pieces of fitness equipment that get overlooked a lot, in our humble opinion. If your friend wants portability and high intensity with their workouts, this Crossrope jump rope set is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Comes with 2 styles of attachable handles and 6 different ropes of varying weights that make for a full body and wicked intense workout. This’ll get your loved one jumping for joy!

workout gifts

3) Shaker bottle

Post-workout protein is super important for building strength and minimizing recovery time. This fancy schmancy shaker bottle is the perfect upgrade from that grungy old bottle that’s rolling around in the back of a car somewhere. This BPA bottle from Umoro even has a separate compartment to store up to 1 heaping scoop of your gym friend’s preferred protein supplement, so they’ll never be without water or their shake when they need it.

4) Wireless Headphones

Arm-bands for a cell phone are nice, but they can get in the way sometimes. Plus, how many of us have accidentally snagged our headphone wires while using an aerobic machine or lifting weights? Problem solved with Jaybird wireless headphones. Perfect for any runners and gym lovers you know.

5) VooDoo Floss Band

Let’s face it: mobility is boring. These incredible and versatile floss bands help break through tissue adhesions, reduce neural tension, increase joint range of motion, improve localized circulation, and prevent and even help heal injuries. Useful for just about any joint on the body, and perfect for warm-ups or active recovery days (not to mention super portable…hello hotel room workout!).

Got any other great ideas? Help out your fellow last-minute gift shoppers by sharing your suggestions in the comments below!