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PUSH-Is a combination of SWEAT and BURN in less than 30 minutes. This is for the very busy parents and business people of the world. Push is a mixture of strength training and high intensity interval training.Must cancel at least 2 hours before class starts to avoid a $8 no-show charge.


27mar6:00 amPUSH

27mar6:00 amPUSH

27mar5:30 pmPUSH

28mar8:30 amPUSH

28mar12:00 pmPUSH

28mar5:30 pmPUSH

28mar5:30 pmPUSH

28mar6:00 pmPUSH

29mar5:00 amPUSH

29mar6:00 amPUSH

30mar9:00 amPUSH

30mar12:00 pmPUSH

30mar6:00 pmPUSH

31mar6:00 amPUSH


03apr6:00 amPUSH

03apr6:00 amPUSH

03apr5:30 pmPUSH

04apr8:30 amPUSH

04apr12:00 pmPUSH

04apr5:30 pmPUSH

04apr5:30 pmPUSH

04apr6:00 pmPUSH

05apr5:00 amPUSH

05apr6:00 amPUSH

05apr5:30 pmPUSH

06apr9:00 amPUSH

06apr12:00 pmPUSH

06apr6:00 pmPUSH

07apr6:00 amPUSH

10apr6:00 amPUSH

10apr6:00 amPUSH

10apr5:30 pmPUSH

11apr8:30 amPUSH

11apr12:00 pmPUSH

11apr5:30 pmPUSH

11apr5:30 pmPUSH

11apr6:00 pmPUSH

12apr5:00 amPUSH

12apr6:00 amPUSH

12apr5:30 pmPUSH

13apr9:00 amPUSH

13apr12:00 pmPUSH

13apr6:00 pmPUSH

14apr6:00 amPUSH

17apr6:00 amPUSH

17apr6:00 amPUSH

17apr5:30 pmPUSH

18apr8:30 amPUSH

18apr12:00 pmPUSH

18apr5:30 pmPUSH

18apr5:30 pmPUSH

18apr6:00 pmPUSH

19apr5:00 amPUSH

19apr6:00 amPUSH

19apr5:30 pmPUSH

20apr9:00 amPUSH

20apr12:00 pmPUSH

20apr6:00 pmPUSH

21apr6:00 amPUSH

21apr8:30 amPUSH