Physiq Fitness Keizer

3850 River Road North

Events at this location


02oct5:30 pm6:15 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

02oct6:30 pm7:30 pmZumbaLocation : On-Q

03oct7:00 am7:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

03oct9:00 am9:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

03oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

03oct6:00 pm7:00 pmYogaLocation : On-Q

04oct6:00 am6:30 amPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

04oct6:00 pm6:45 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit Sign In to Enroll

05oct5:00 am6:00 amHigh Fitness Location : On-Q Sign In to Enroll Make sure to save your place 19 Spots remaining

05oct6:00 am6:30 amPUSH Location : Q-Fit Sign In to Enroll Make sure to save your place 4 Spots remaining

05oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSH Location : Q-Fit Sign In to Enroll Make sure to save your place 7 Spots remaining

05oct6:30 pm7:30 pmBody Pump Location : On-Q Sign In to Enroll Make sure to save your place 19 Spots remaining

09oct5:30 pm6:15 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

09oct6:30 pm7:30 pmZumbaLocation : On-Q Sign In to Enroll

10oct7:00 am7:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

10oct9:00 am9:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

10oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

10oct6:00 pm7:00 pmYogaLocation : On-Q Sign In to Enroll

11oct6:00 am6:30 amPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

11oct6:00 pm6:45 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

12oct5:00 am6:00 amHigh FitnessLocation : On-Q

12oct6:00 am6:30 amPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

12oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

12oct6:30 pm7:30 pmBody PumpLocation : On-Q

16oct5:30 pm6:15 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

16oct6:30 pm7:30 pmZumbaLocation : On-Q

17oct7:00 am7:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

17oct9:00 am9:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

17oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

17oct6:00 pm7:00 pmYogaLocation : On-Q

18oct6:00 am6:30 amPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

18oct6:00 pm6:45 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

19oct5:00 am6:00 amHigh FitnessLocation : On-Q

19oct6:00 am6:30 amPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

19oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

19oct6:30 pm7:30 pmBody PumpLocation : On-Q

23oct5:30 pm6:15 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

23oct6:30 pm7:30 pmZumbaLocation : On-Q

24oct7:00 am7:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

24oct9:00 am9:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

24oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

24oct6:00 pm7:00 pmYogaLocation : On-Q

25oct6:00 am6:30 amPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

25oct6:00 pm6:45 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

26oct5:00 am6:00 amHigh FitnessLocation : On-Q

26oct6:00 am6:30 amPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

26oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

26oct6:30 pm7:30 pmBody PumpLocation : On-Q

30oct5:30 pm6:15 pmS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

30oct6:30 pm7:30 pmZumbaLocation : On-Q

31oct7:00 am7:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

31oct9:00 am9:45 amS.W.E.A.T.Location : Q-Fit

31oct5:30 pm6:00 pmPUSHLocation : Q-Fit

31oct6:00 pm7:00 pmYogaLocation : On-Q